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Barcelona Airport - Shops and Duty Free

Barcelona Airport has various shops and retails with different products. Both terminals 1 and 2 have a wide offer and passengers can buy a souvenir or a gift before leaving Barcelona or when arriving at the city.

Some of the stores are:

Selection of shops at Terminal 1

  • Duty Free: Barcelona Duty Free (Level 1 and 3) located on the Sky Center and Gates areas E and D. Express Duty Free (Level 1). Gate area B. 
  • Food: Chocolat Factory, Sibarium, Dolcemania, Foodies, Lolly, Pret a Manger, Torrons Vicens. 
  • Sport: La Botiga del Barça (level 1, Football Club Barcelona store), Buff and JD Sports. 
  • Health: Pharmacy. Located on level 3. Landside. La Vita. 
  • Stores and accessories: Brownie, Burberry, Buff, Desigual, Geox, Levi’s, Lola Casademunt, Mango, Munich, Parfois, Sunglass Hut, Ted Baker, Victoria’s Secret, The Gallery In, Rituals. 
  • Kids: Wonkandy.
  • Jewerly: Parfois, Tous, Vidal&Vidal. 
  • Music and electronics: Capi. 
  • Gifts: Hub, Hudson, Natura, Relay, Stamp, WHSmith, YooToo. 
  • Cafeterias: Boldú, Cafè Di Fiore, Central Cafè, Cooofe, H¨äagen-Dazs, Pannus, Paul, Starbucks. 
  • Fast food: Burger King and McDonald’s.
  • Restaurants: Alas, Como, La Botiga, La Tramoia, Malvón, Mediterranean Terrace, Montesquiu+Dry Martini, O Mamma Mia. 
  • To go: Café Pans, Deli-Cia, Go Natural, La Donatella, La Place.
  • Wine and Tapas: Santamaría, Enrique Tom´as, Masqmenos, Piscolabis, Tapa Tapa. 
Need to eat something quick or take away? Our recommendation in that case is Burger King, really well located just 1 minute from Sky Center. 

For fine dining in Terminal 1:
La Tramoia is a great option. 

Best coffee and pastries are available at Boldú.

To eat premium and local: Enrique Tomás is your option (with Jamón Ibérico as its main attractive). 

Last minute souvenirs? Torrons Vicens for a tasty treat, Tous for a beautiful piece of Spanish Jewerly.

DutyFree Terminal 1 Barcelona Airport
Barcelona Airport offers lots of retail and restaurants areas.
Shops 2 Terminal 2 Barcelona Airport
Shops and restaurants on Terminal 2. 

Selection of shops at Terminal 2

  • Food: Chocolat Factory, Pret a Manger, Tutti Frutti. 
  • Duty Free: Barcelona Duty Free (level 1), Express Duty Free (level 0, level 1).
  • Sports: Barça Store, Buff Level 1.
  • Health: Pharmacy (level 0), La Vita. 
  • Stores: Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut, The Fashion Place. 
  • Kids: Story Store.
  • Electronics: Tech&Fly. 
  • Gifts: Natura, Ale-Hop, Relay, Superskunk, The Market, WHSmith 
  • Cafes: Breadway, Häagen-Dazs and Santagloria. 
  • Fast food: Burger King, McDonald’s. 
  • To go: Deli-Cia, Dots Bakery, Exki, Go Natural, SLAM by hermanos Torres
  • Wine and Tapas: Enrique Tomás, Innis&Gunn. 
  • Restaurants: Food Market and Mussol. 
Need to eat something quick or take away? Find Burger King and McDonald’s. 

Eating well in Terminal 2:
Mussol is a restaurant with great tradition in Barcelona. 

Best coffee and pastries are available at Boldú.

To eat premium and local: Enrique Tomás is your option with Jamón Ibérico. 

Take into consideration that commercial spaces may change.

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