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It is the new terminal of the Barcelona airport, opened in 2009. Currently the busiest terminal, operates with 70% of flights. The terminal has several different areas: A, B, C, D, and E.


- Area A and D: located in the north dike.

- Area B: located in the central area.

- Area C and E: located in the south.


Flights operated by area:

- A, B and C: operate with Schengen flights. Area A covers Barcelona-Madrid flights (known as the Barcelona-Madrid corridor). Location: Floor 1

- D and E: operate with non-Schengen flights. Location: Floor 3


The car parks are located outside the terminal, right in the middle between areas A-D and C-E (this area is U-shaped). The building of Terminal 1 has the following levels: 0, 1, 2 and 3.

- Level 0: Intermodal Lobby It's the arrivals area. It has several check-in counters as well as offices of some travel agencies. The lost and found office is on this floor. Also the tourist information office.

- Level 1: Aerial Bridge / Corridor Barcelona-Madrid.

- Level 2: Auto check-in machines, passport control and VIP lounges Joan Miró and Pau Casals.

- Level 3: Departures. There are several bill counters and offices of some airlines. There are also several shops, bars and restaurants.


In total, the terminal has 101 boarding gates and 144 check-in desks.

The airport has a capacity of up to 55 million passengers annually and can handle up to 90 operations per hour.


Terminal 1 has several VIP lounges: Pau Casals, Joan Miró, Colomer. See more information regarding the airport lounges

Also a business center, a gym, a chapel / prayer area, a spa, showers and various rooms for sleeping (Air Rooms).


Connection with Terminal 2

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