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Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 (T2)

Barcelona Terminal 2, or simply T2, was the original terminal of the airport and since the opening of Barcelona Terminal 1 it only handles low-cost and regional services.

Terminal 2 operates with low cost airlines. 

It is divided in three modules: T2A, T2B and T2C. These three modules aren’t connected in public areas, but are accessible in the airside.  All flights that depart from Terminal 2 do the check in T2B area. Access to gates is done through the security check located in that area too.  
National flights and Schengen will arrive at T2B. And non-Schengen flights will arrive at Terminal T2A. Both of them on level 0.

Terminal 2 Gates Barcelona Airport
Flight monitor and shop area in T2. 
Terminal 2 Gates Barcelona Airport
Views from gates of Terminal 2.


Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 consists of two levels:

Level 0

Arrivals area and check-in.

Several services and car rental counters are located here, as well as ground transportation options and check-in area. 
For baggage claiming there are three areas available: Room A, Room B and Room C. Depending on the origin of your flight (Schengen or no-Schengen), passengers will need to claim their baggage on one place or another. Monitors will give updated information. 

Level 1

Departures level.

Find the security checkpoint which leads to boarding gates on both levels 0 and 1.

The following gates are located on level 0 (passengers need to move to that level after security check on level 1):

- Gates M: M01 to M08
- Gates R: R15 to R19
- Gates S: S26 to S30
- Gates U: U37 to U41
- Gates W: W48 to W52
- Gates Y: Y59 to Y63

Level 1

- Gates R: R09 to R14
- Gates S: S20 to S25
- Gates U: U31 to U36
- Gates W: W42 to W47
- Gates Y: Y53 to Y58

Flights to Schengen destinations are hosted in Module U, whilst non-Schengen destinations in modules W and Y and M mostly. Think of allowing extra time if you are travelling from Barcelona to non-Schengen destinations, as you will have to take an extra passport control and sometimes there are queues. 


Only easyJet and easyJet Switzerland operate in T2C.

It has a couple of concourses where check-in procedures are done.

Walking distance to gates

Distance walking to the gates once passed the security check:

To M gates (M01-M08): 19 minutes (passport control*)
To R gates(R09-R19): 10 to 12 minutes
To S gates(S26-S30): 4 to 7 minutes
To U gates(U31-U41): 2 to 5 minutes 
To W gates(W42-W52):  4 to 7 minutes (passport control*)
To Y gates (Y53-Y53): 8 to 12 minutes (passport control*)

*these flights need an extra security check for passport control so allow extra time. 

Transfer between terminals

There is a shuttle bus that offers transportation between both Terminals. 

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- Wi-Fi
- Post office
- Children’s play area
- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Information desks
- Luggage storage
- Pharmacy
- ATMs
- Currency exchange
- Prayer rooms
- Duty free stores
- VAT refund
- Hairdresser
- Showers
- Spa and Salon services

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Sala VIP Canudas: Terminal 2, close to U Gates. Services: Snacks, Alcoholic drinks, Showers, Flight monitors, Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Children’s area, Internet terminals, Telephones. Smoke is not allowed.

Wi-Fi, Spa, Printers and Copiers are available upon payment.

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