KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Barcelona Airport (BCN)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


Arrivals Terminal:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines uses Terminal 1 - T1 at Barcelona Airport.
In some cases this terminal can change.
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Departures Terminal:

Most KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flights departs from Terminal 1 - T1, although Terminal 2 - T2 is also used.
In some cases this terminal can change.
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Follow the links below in order to see all the flights scheduled for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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In order to check in for your flight at Barcelona Airport (BCN), go to the terminal where your flight departs from, or follow the instructions provided in your ticket.


General Information

 - IATA Code: KL

 - Website: www.klm.com

 - Phone number: 913 754 546

 - Phone number Lost Baggage: 913 753 097 . For items lost in the plane.


Handling - Lost Luggage

 - Handling company: Groundforce

 - Phone number: 932 930 648



This airline operate some flights, but other flights are codeshare flights operated by the following airlines

 -  Air Europa

 -  Delta Air Lines

 -  Transavia.com