Terminal T1 - Terminal T2

As a result of the heavy growth, the Barcelona airport was expanded in 2009 in order to provide better service to more passengers. A new terminal (Terminal 1) was built 4 km away from the terminal 2. The new Terminal 1 now operates 70% of flights. The old terminals A, B and C, are now Terminal 2, which operates a few flights.

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Terminal 1 (T1)

The Terminal 1 was inaugurated on 2009, and now is opearting 70% of flights. The terminal was designed by catalan architect Ricardo Bofill and covers more than 500,000 m2. The big numbers of terminal 1 are:

- 258 check-in counters

  • - 50 fingers
  • - 15 baggage carousels
  • - 12,000 parking spaces

With this new terminal, the airport is able to handle 55 million passengers annually and reach 90 operations an hour.


The terminal is divided into four levels:

  • - Level 0: Arrivals
  • - Level 1: Shopping Area and restaurants
  • - Level 3: Departures.

Terminal 2 (T2)

Terminal 2 was the main building of the airport before 2009. Terminal 2 is divided in 3 sub-terminals: A, B and C, and was designed to expand the airport just before the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992. Since the opening of Terminal 1, the Terminal 2 is operated only by few low-cost or regional carriers.