Parking details at BARCELONA AIRPORT

Barcelona airport has more then 25,000 parking spaces, of which more than 13,000 are in the T1 car parks and 12,000 are in the T2 car parks. T1 has two car park buildings, which are connected to the terminal via a walkway, with a total of 9,400 places. A surface car park with 1,600 spaces also has direct access to the terminal and a long-stay car park with 1,015 spaces, situated two kilometres from the terminal, is connected via a shuttle service. All of the zones have access controls manned by permanent security patrols and customer services.

When entering the car park you are issued a ticket by an automatic vending machine. Take this ticket with you and do not leave it in the car. Once in the car park, drive slowly (10 km/h). To guarantee smooth traffic flow, a tow truck will remove all vehicles parked in unauthorised locations and the offender will be charged a fine.

When you want to return to your car you must take your ticket to an automatic payment machine. There are several payment machines in the terminal lobbies, at the pedestrian entrances to the car park and on several floors of the car park building. After making the payment, remove the validated ticket from the machine and go to your vehicle. Ttake your ticket with you to your car and drive to the exit and simply insert your ticket into the machine next to the exit barrier to leave.

If you have lost the ticket or you have any problems, request information by pressing the button available on all of the automatic payment machines or go to the information centre. If your car battery does not work, the car park operators will start your car free of charge.


Parking rates

Below is the current pricing structure for standard parking at the Barcelona Airport. Prices (quoted in Euros) are subject to change, so be sure to check for updates at the airport. The price is 0,045691€/min

Time Rate
15 minutes 0.68 euros
30 minutes 1.37 euros
1 hour 2.74 euros
2 hours 5.48 euros
4 hours 10.96 euros
5 hours 13.70 euros
6 hours 16.44 euros
Maximum Daily rate up to 4 days 18.75 euros
Maximum Daily rate more than 4 days 15.00 euros


If you need to park your car at the airport for more than 1 day, the most economical and convenient is to park it "parking aparca&go barcelona airport".

  • Price € 8,95 /24h. (from the 5th day € 4,95/24h)
  • Open 24/7/365
  • Valet Parking
  • Free transfer at once to any terminal
  • Covered and secure parking with CCTV
  • Hand car cleaning optional
  • Time to Terminal 1: 7 minutes
  • Time toTerminal 2: 5 minutes
  • More information: parking aparca&go barcelona airport / +34 93 122 05 48


VIP Parking

For those seeking the luxury of convenience, the Barcelona Airport VIP Parking Service offers valet parking in a private, heavily secured lot. VIP parking attendants will collect vehicles at designated areas in front of all three terminals. In addition to parking cars, the service also offers assistance with automotive maintenance, vehicle transfer, boarding pass arrangements, and more.

Below are the approximate prices for the VIP Valet Parking Service. To verify, you can call (0034) 932 971 381.